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Is Weed-CBD Good or Bad for you? (Pros vs Cons) | LAVS GUIDE


Is CBD or Weed Good or Bad for you (Pros vs Cons) | LAVS GUIDE
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Marijuana, more commonly known as weed, is one of the most promising plant extracts available naturally. In addition to being a good recreational activity, smoking weed has been scientifically proven to have multiple health advantages also. It can be smoked or consumed depending on your preferences.

Plenty of countries all over the world have legalized the use of marijuana while some are already on their way. Its medicinal properties have overshadowed its bad reputations. Scientists are now bringing forth different ways of using weed so as to prevent and cure various disorders.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the active components of weed, also known as cannabis. CBD is quite useful in multiple ways like keeping your internal organs functioning smoothly, preventing liver disease, and imparting a healthy glow to your hair and skin.

As of late, CBD has found its way into medicinal therapy as well. Cough syrups, tablets, and various other medications are witnessing the use of weed in order to improve the health of people as a whole. Having said that, weed has its own limitations too.

Although it is not as harmful as smoking cocaine, cigarettes, or heroin, overusing it has its own set of disadvantages. Any religious beliefs also speak against the use of weed. Let’s find out what good and bad is in store for mankind of weed is made common for consumption.

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